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Plan Lab is a state-of-the-art projection studio created to make the building journey easier and is a new innovation for South Australia. The technology provides projections of plans and elevations at 1:1 scale that clients are able to walk through and explore the design. Our mission is to help people building their new home by minimising the risk of not fully understanding how their plan will function in real life.

Corner of Railway Terrace & London Road Mile End South, South Australia.

Just a 5-minute drive from the heart of the Adelaide CBD.

The Plan Lab session runs for 1 hour and our standard sessions are broken into 2 parts. The first 40-minutes is a walk-through of your plans followed by a 20-minute sit down to discuss the plans and to review the notes taken with any changes made.

A 1-hour session at Plan Lab costs $500.

Please contact the team on so that we can discuss your requirements and assist you with the most appropriate package.

Plan Lab is open Monday to Friday and can be pre-booked in 1-hour sessions and are run during the time slots below.

9:00am – 10:00am
10:15am – 11:15am
11:30am – 12:30pm
1:15pm – 2:15pm
2:30pm – 3:30pm
3:45pm – 4:45pm

Availability can be seen in the booking form here which is current in real time.

Plan Lab is also available to be booked for events by the development industry who can showcase a new project in a tailored event after hours or on weekends. To discuss this type of studio booking contact the Plan Lab team by the contact form here.

To personalise your Plan Lab experience, all sessions must be booked in advance. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate walk-ins as another booked in session will be underway.

Floor space dimensions: 24m x 13m

Floor space m2: 312m2

Wall space dimensions: 13.2m x 8m

Wall space m2: 105.6m2

Yes, all aspects of your home can be projected in 1:1 scale. Where very large designs don’t fit our studio space in single view, our team will continually shift the plan as you explore the various areas of the design.

This isn’t an issue; Plan Lab can project each level of the project, one level at a time. You can project as many plans as you would like within your allocated session time.

The files must be PDF’s of at least 1mb with the floorplan scaled to 1:100 scale. Plans for projection need to be submitted in advance of your session so our team can test prior to your arrival. Plans are submitted when your session is booked, however you can book a session and supply the floorplan and elevation PDF files closer to your scheduled session but no later than 3 day prior to your booked session time.

Plan lab has been created to make the building journey easier.

Architects, landscape architects, interior designers, developers of residential property, custom home builders and their clients will all benefit from using Plan Lab. Sessions will be hosted by these organisations with their client in attendance and facilitated by a Plan Lab design consultant. We’ll worry about the technical aspects leaving you to engage with your client and plan.

Plan Lab is also an exclusive benefit for customers of Rivergum Homes who will experience their preferred designs with their sales consultants in a private 1-hour studio session.

For the first time in South Australia, you can explore a design in full scale while walking between rooms and manoeuvring furniture items into position to better understand the spaces. This includes a variety of beds, dining table, partial walls, couches, bedside tables and more.

Plan Lab helps minimise the risk of a plan not meeting your needs.

You’ll be greeted by our Plan Lab design consultant, who will facilitate the viewing of your floorplans for you and your designer. Rivergum Homes customers will be accompanied by their sales consultant.

To get an even better sense of space, our Plan Lab design consultant will roll out furniture items so you’re able to walk around your rooms, with furniture in place.

You can walk the plans on the floor, admire your elevations up to 8m in height or get a completely different perspective by inspecting the plans from a height from our viewing deck.

Of course, we believe it would be very beneficial to have your builder and architect with you during your session. While our design consultant will be available to you during your session to assist with the projectors, note taking and offer any assistance where necessary they are not a qualified architect or builder. In order for you to get the most out of your session at Plan Lab it would be ideal to have the experts along for the experience.

The Plan Lab design consultant will make notes during your session and will provide these to all attendees afterwards for further review.

No, your builder or architect will still look after this process. If there are any changes required to your floorplans, our design consultant will take notes as you walk through your design. These are sent to you and your building sales consultant or architect after the session and they will then finalise the designs with your requested changes.

We recommend planning ahead with several design options that can be projected during your Plan Lab session.

Once you’ve booked in, we’ll email you a confirmation and an information pack outlining more detail on how the session will work and what you should bring.

We’ll need a PDF of at least 1mb of your floorplan in 1:100 scale and any elevations of the home facades sent to us 3 days prior to your session.

There’s no limit to what can be projected so consider, for example, the benefits of reviewing a site plan with landscape design during your studio session.

Yes, absolutely. We welcome any family members or children to attend the session. We encourage you make this a shared experience to assist you throughout your walkthrough. We have a dedicated ‘kid’s area’ with wooden toys and drawing activities to keep them busy. We also have a cushioned bench seat should the children wish to read a book or watch a device!

Of course.  Each session is paid for separately, so if you’d like to walk through your updated floorplan again, you’re able to book another session.

Plan Lab is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rivergum Homes Group. While we openly welcome and encourage external consultations, we reserve the right to decline bookings for consultations deemed to be in direct competition to Rivergum Homes.

In these instances, notification will be provided of the decline as soon as possible via the contact details provided in the booking, prior to the appointment. A full refund will be provided within 3 working days of the notification. If in doubt, and to avoid any disappointment, please contact our friendly team to confirm prior to booking on (08) 8354 7870 or email

If you need to reschedule your appointment, 48-hour notice is required to allow us to fill this session with another client.

Requests of cancellation and return of your fee is available for sessions cancelled 3 days or more prior to your session. After this time, a cancellation fee applies or you are able to reschedule your appointment at another available time at no extra cost. A full refund will be provided within 5-10 working days of the notification. If in doubt, and to avoid any disappointment, please contact our friendly team to confirm prior to booking.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email the Plan Lab team on and the team will get in touch with you to confirm the cancellation or book you in for another session time.



Mile End South,
South Australia 5031
(08) 8354 7870